Sensors Technology Private Limited is a High Technology Research and Development Small Scale Industry incorporated in the State of Madhya Pradesh (MP), India on June 6, 1998.

Number of developed technologies are available for technology transfer to other industries in India for indigenous production of high technology products. For technology transfer details please write to us.

Sensors Technology provides training to teachers, trainers, industrial professionals, engineers, students and workers. For student internships, scholarships, part time jobs you can write to us for further details along with your CV or visit our research and training center on working days (Monday to Friday).

  • Ion Mobility Spectroscopy Instruments and TOF Electronics
  • Electron Gun Power Supply, Electron Microscope Power Supply
  • AC-DC Pulsed Ion Beam Current Sensors and Current Amplifier
  • High Voltage Power Supplies, HV Switches and HV Pulsers, HV Meters and HV Testers
  • Delay Timer, IMS Timer, Frequency Counter, ADC, DAC, Data Acquisition Systems
  • Ionizing Radiation Detectors and Radiation Measurement (UV, X-ray, Gamma Ray)
  • Signal Isolators – Analog and Digital, Wireless Data Links
  • Fast and Low Current, Voltage and Charge Amplifiers for MCP, CEM, PMT, APD, PIN Photodiode
  • High Temperature Electronics, Automation and Robotics
  • Digital Fluid Level Sensors, Fluid Interface Level Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Probes, Variable Frequency Ultrasonic Power Drivers
  • Environmental Safety and Radiation Emergency Sensors, Signal Transmitters
  • Bio-Sensors, Zero Power Sensors, Explosive Sensors and Toxic Gas Sensors
  • Energy Harvesting, Unconventional Energy Sources, Water Activated Batteries

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