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Educational: Quick 1-Day Training Programs ES001

Quick Robotic Embedded Systems: ES-001

ES-001 Quick Robotic Embedded Systems Training Program is for engineering students in their 3rd year and final year of education. Total capacity of the class is 25 participants. Class duration is 6 hours 1-day. Registration Fee per participant is to be paid in advance and is non-refundable. Participants can buy the desired hardware or electronics components of their choice. We neither provide any free component nor insist on buying anything from our Educational Store.

Training Topics: ES-001

  • Robotic Single Board Computer (SBC) DCS2
  • Robotic Embedded Software in C++
  • Digital Input / Output (I/O) Driving / Sensing
  • Driving Color LED Indicators / Alarms
  • Robot Vision - Sensing Obstacle
  • Robot Motor ON / OFF and PWM Speed Control
  • All training participants will receive training certificate and free 1-year membership of Robotics Club of India (RCI).

    DCS2 is a Copyright (C) 2004 of Dr. Shyam and it can be used freely for education and training non-commercial use only.

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