Sensors Technology

Micro Channel Plate Detector: Amplifiers

Ultra Fast Timing Amplifier

Model PA005-XX-H series MCP Ultra Fast Timing Amplifier have very fast 200ps to 2ns rise time and <10ns decay time. Amplifiers can be used for Start Stop Time pulses for time digitizers.

CEM Fast Rise Time Timing Amplifiers and MCP Fast Rise Time Timing Amplifiers are identical designs. Amplifiers can be interchangeably used for Channel Electron Multipliers and Micro Channel Plate (MCP) detectors. Amplifier's output is a fast 1ns to 2ns rise time negative voltage pulse -1000mV range used for time of flight time digitization or fast counting.

User can also use Constant Fraction Discriminator for walk error free timing signal by coupling Fast Timing Amplifier to CFD.

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