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Precision Delay Timer (Models ST1006 / ST2006)

Model ST1006 / ST2006 Delay Timers are multiple channels very low skew signal generators with internal programmable repeat rate, pulse width and pulse delay time, generally needed for controlling and synchronizing a variety of TOF modules, HV Ion Gate Driver, Oscilloscope and ADC Triggering and delayed operations for start and stop time synchronization,




Models ST1006 / ST2006



         Number of outputs:

6 non-inverted and 6-inverted independent outputs

         Output voltage:

0V to 4V TTL with internal 50 ohms series resistor terminated

         Waveform repeat rates:

0.001Hz to 1kHz ST1006 and 0.0005Hz to 1kHz ST2006

         Pulse delay::

0 to pulse period in 100ns steps 0-2000,000,000,000ns

         Pulse width

100ns-pulse period in 100ns steps 100-2000,000,000,000ns

         Signal skew jitter:

1ns maximum among all six channels

         Pulse rise time / fall time

3ns typical 5ns maximum when terminated by 50 ohms

         Programming method:

Easy PC Screen based software for all parameters

         PC interface

RS232 / USB serial data transfer

         Waveform memory:

5 years waveform data non-volatile memory

         External AC power:

230V 50Hz 5A Mains Power (10%)

         Instrument case:

ST1006 2U 19 Module, ST2006 1U 19 Module






RG58/U BNC (male)-BNC (male) Cable 1m insulation solid PE


RG58/U BNC (male)-BNC (male) Cable 3m insulation solid PE


RG58/U BNC (male)-BNC (male) Cable 1m insulation solid PTFE


RG58/U BNC (male)-BNC (male) Cable 3m insulation solid PTFE




12 months free repair at factory



Price: ST1006/ST2006

Rs.300000.00 plus VAT and Sales Tax




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